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Why 360 Optimum Hair Products?

Since opening 360 Hair Clinic in 2012 we had used nearly every range of hair loss products available on the market to use in conjunction with in-clinic treatments.

With each range of products there was something that we felt needed changing; Whether it be the use of harmful sulphates or sodium chloride, a product that didn’t contain harsh ingredients but then also didn’t cleanse the hair and scalp effectively, or growth stimulators that didn’t produce the results that they claimed.

We made it our mission to develop the most effective products to not only combat hair loss but effectively accelerate hair growth and we believe we have done just that in creating 360 Optimum Hair products!

The active growth stimulating  ingredient in 360 Optimum Hair products is Capixyl, which is clinically proven to stop further hair loss within the first 7 days. In each product’s description there are some infographics from trials undertaken over a 4-month period.

360 Optimum Hair products can be used as a Home Treatment option to Strengthen Hair, Reduce Shedding and Increase Density. We have carefully designed the product labels with the user in mind, so the main front label does not feature the words Hair Loss or Thinning. The overall design is intentionally quite discreet.

Medications such as Finasteride and Prescription Strength Minoxidil are available to those deemed medically suitable and are gained via private prescription following an online consultation.

For additional products including prescription medications, Help Hair Whey Protein, Toppik hair products and other nutritional supplements click below to be taken to the Online Pharmacy.