We find that some clients may have some initial concerns when looking to treat their Hair Loss. Below are some of the answers you may currently be looking for. If you have any further questions contact our Consultant directly here.

By offering 7 different treatment options we are confident that we can find a solution for you. We complete a thorough medical consultation to determine the cause of the Hair Loss, to therefore advise on the best treatment option for the individual client. Some clients may require a combination of treatments for optimum results. The majority of our treatment plans are month by month options as we are confident in the results you will see.

All treatments have been clinically tested or approved by the MHRA or FDA.

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Each individual case is different. If you would like to attend a Free Consultation our Consultant will look at the hair follicles under the microscope to visibly see how active the hair follicles are. You can then be shown what results you should expect from the treatment plan designed for you.

Yes, they can be and this is often a concern we hear. We understand that a treatment needs to work but it also must be cost effective. With this in mind, we have created a variety of packages starting from just £50 per month to avoid large up front payments.

Each client’s treatment plan is tailored to suit their needs. Pricing for the different treatments can be seen here: Treatment for Men – Treatment for Women

We understand that our client’s time is valuable so we have created various treatment plans to suit every client’s needs.

Our Home Treatment package can be ordered online and sent directly to you in discreet, unlabeled packaging within a few days. You can then fit your treatment into your busy lifestyle.

Our Brighton Hair Loss Clinic is open 9am-8.30pm, and Laser Therapy treatments are just 25 minutes. Treatment options range from weekly to fortnightly appointments.

With any Hair Loss treatment, early intervention is key but it is also important to only start when you feel comfortable you have found the right treatment.

By the time you have noticed that your hair is Thinning you may have already lost 50% of the hairs within the thinning area.

The earlier you start treatment the more hairs you will retain, and therefore more hairs you have available to Thicken.

Clients that are in the initial stages of Hair Loss may see a faster response to treatment. However, almost all clients will see a stabilisation of Hair Loss and an improvement on the Thickness and quality of their hair. It is important to understand that as with any treatment, results will vary by individual. Each client is therefore treated individually and expectations are managed at the initial Free Consultation.

Professionalism honesty and confidentiality.

Your appointment will last approximately 45 minutes. Our Consultant will meet you in the reception area and you will be taken to a private room for a confidential Consultation.

We carry out a microscope assessment to see how active the hair follicles are and therefore determine the results that should be expected from each of the treatments available. A combination of treatments may be recommended depending on the level of Hair Loss, and your expectations.

Information will be given for the following treatments: Laser Therapy, Minoxidil, Home treatment, Scalp Micropigmentation, Hair Transplants FUE and FUT, PRP Therapy and Bespoke Wigs.

By the end of your Consultation you will have a good understanding about the cause of your Hair Loss and the results you should expect if you start treatment. You are not obligated to start treatment at this appointment.

Laser Therapy, Minoxidil and the Home products package can be started immediately in-clinic. If you would like to proceed with a Hair Transplant, PRP Therapy, Scalp micropigmentation or a Bespoke Wig a further Free Consultation will be arranged with the surgeon or specialist. Book in for your Free Consultation.

You should expect an improvement in the first 3 months. Hair Thinning and Shedding will stabilise initially and then gradually the Thinning Hairs will start to Thicken. By a 6 month review we would expect a Thinning area to have started to Thicken. The time for the full results to be achieved depends on the level of Hair Loss at the beginning, but we expect a client’s results to peak between 9 months – 24 months, and at that point results can be maintained.

Low Level Laser Therapy doesn’t hurt at all. Due to the types of lasers used there is no burning, no cutting, no adverse side effects and no down time.

Our clients tell us that it is actually very relaxing sitting under the Laser and some take the opportunity to relax for 25 minutes, while others read a book or use their phone.

Yes, Low Level Laser Therapy is safe. This type of technology has been used for over 30 years to treat many medical conditions. LLLT has no side effects and is non-toxic. The specific type of lasers used in our in-clinic devices meet all international safety standards and the treatment poses a non-significant risk. The lasers used are classified as Class IIIA cosmetic lasers.

Side effects that are caused by the Hair Loss Medication Finasteride, or Propecia can include erectile dysfunction and low libido. The treatments that we offer do not pose the same risk of side effects.

Our Consultant can explain the difference between the treatments that we offer and Propecia / Finasteride in a Free Consultation if you have any concerns.

If you have any questions before starting our Home Treatment package Contact Us.

Initially, within a few weeks following surgery, the hairs will shed and you should expect your hair to look as it did before the surgery. New hairs will then start to grow between 14 – 16 weeks later and it will take approximately 6 – 12 months for the new hairs to have grown enough to see a significant difference. Laser Therapy would encourage the new hairs to growth through faster.

Donor hairs are taken from an area that is not sensitive to Thinning, that is caused by the DHT Hormone. Therefore, once relocated to build density in a Thinning or Balding area, those hairs will not thin in the future. Most surgeons will recommend starting treatment such as Laser Therapy, Minoxidil and DHT Blockers 6 months before surgery to stop the Hair Loss and to ensure that the donor hair follicles are at optimum strength ahead of surgery.

Treatment should then continue following surgery, to encourage the newly transplanted hairs to grow faster but also to prevent further Hair Loss and Thinning in the surrounding areas to maintain the Hair Transplant.


Contact Us to book in for a Free Consultation at our Brighton Hair Loss Clinic if you would like to explore the in-Clinic treatment options.