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360 Hair Clinic (formerly The Brighton Hair Loss Clinic) was set up in 2012 to address the 4 most common concerns regarding Hair Loss treatment:

  • Does it work?
  • It’s too expensive
  • I don’t have time
  • I’m too embarrassed

We combat these concerns by offering the latest, most effective technology and clinically proven products to arrest Hair Loss but also encourage new Hair Growth for both Men and Women.

To us you are more than just a number; We understand that experiencing Hair Loss may be a sensitive and stressful experience but we are here to put our clients at ease and offer the most effective treatment solutions available.

Sophie Humphrey:

Clinic Director and Senior Consultant

Hair Loss and witnessing the effects it can have on someone has been with me from a young age. As a teenager I witnessed my mother losing all of her hair due to undergoing chemotherapy treatment. I will never forget the exact day that her hair started to fall, and the effect that it had on her confidence. Thankfully her treatment went well, and eventually the hair did return but not as fast as it could have, and not in the best condition that I now know is possible. Equally, Androgenic Alopecia is common throughout my family history with the majority of males thinning or going bald in their 20’s and 30’s.

This gave me the passion and drive to understand why this was happening and also to find the best treatments available so I could help others with similar experiences. My background in Beauty Therapy and Cosmetics allowed to me set up my own clinic in 2012.

Additionally, following the birth of my son in 2016, I experienced post-partum Hair Loss. Seeing handfuls of hairs every time you wash your hair can be a worrying experience, and once again, although the hair should regrow it doesn’t always happen as fast as it should, and sometimes doesn’t ever fully recover. I have used most of the treatments available myself to restore my once receding hair line to its original thickness.

My desire is to ensure that 360 is the trusted solution for your Hair Loss concerns. We are constantly evolving and due to demand, we are looking to open new clinics throughout the UK in the near future.

I pride myself on being sensitive, understanding, professional and knowledgeable. I offer every client a Free Consultation, after which they leave feeling educated and confident that they can choose the right treatment plan for their lifestyle, and to achieve the results that they desire. I will always be honest and manage a client’s’ expectations, and I train my staff to adhere to the same ethos.

Outside of work (when time allows!) I enjoy keeping myself fit, and spending time with my young family.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, big or small, both myself and my team will always be happy to help.


Chloe Pantzer:

Senior Therapist and Appointment Manager.

I joined the 360 team in May 2018 after working within the beauty industry for the past 4 years. I gained experience in various cosmetic treatments which sparked my interest in Hair Loss and the treatments available.

I carry out most of the in-clinic laser therapy sessions, manage all of the appointments including the repeat prescription service and the purchasing of any additional products you may need thoughtout your treatment.
During your visit to the clinic it is my aim for you to feel fully at ease and relaxed. I will be there to support you throughtout your journey after your inital consultation with Sophie. I really enjoy getting to know our clients and witnessing the change in their confidence as their hair thickens.
Outside of work I enjoy socialising with family and friends, I have also recently just started taking advantage of the David Lloyd gym facilities being so close to work.