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I thought I would use these pictures from a recent client’s review to answer the number 1 question that I have been asked every day since opening the clinic 7 years ago…
“So, does it really work?!”

At 360 Hair Clinic we are keen to give a realistic insight to what IS possible.

This client is experiencing male pattern baldness. At the start of treatment we could see that (due to the hair thinning over many years) some of the hair follicles have become inactive.
This means that we are unable to recover the original thickness and density of his hair.

Our aims are to:
• Prevent further hair loss and thinning
• Thicken the fringe and area behind the fringe
• Thicken the edges around the thinning area at the crown so it reduces in size slightly
• Hold on to the thinner hairs covering the crown so it doesn’t become completely bald

We know that:
• The hairline is not going to move any further forward
• The crown will always be thinner

To take these expected results a step further he could potentially have a hair transplant to ‘fill in’ the crown area, and/or perhaps build on the hairline.
However, he thinks he will be content with what we are going to achieve with the 360 Optimum Hair products and Laser Therapy alone.

At his 8 month review here we can see some small changes, but it is important to not forget that his hair was gradually getting thinner before starting treatment too!

His fringe and the area behind his fringe is thicker and fuller meaning you can see through to the scalp less.
He has noticed this in recent months when styling his hair too.
The crown area has started to thicken slightly around the edges meaning that the thinning area has started to reduce.

I take 9 microscope pictures across the top of the scalp in a grid (3 x 3)
Here I have the centre-middle and back-middle positions to show a close up of what is contributing to the progress in the camera pictures.

LEFT: Before C-M + RIGHT: 8 months C-M

LEFT: Before B-M + RIGHT: 8 months B-M

Both show thicker hairs and a higher hair count.

No further hair loss = Yes it works

Thicker hair = Yes it works

I expect we are about half way there and that over the course of the next 9 months or so the hair will continue to thicken some more until we reach a point where the hair is as thick as it is going to be.
At that point, we will be looking to lower the intensity of the treatment and maintain his results going forward to ensure that his hair doesn’t thin again in the future.

The earlier you treat hair loss, the more hairs you retain and therefore have to thicken!
So don’t put it off, find a treatment that works for you as soon as you notice the first signs of hair loss!

In summary – If someone has thinning hair my 360 Optimum Hair products, Laser Therapy, Minoxidil, Finasteride (not all necessarily needed together) WILL prevent further hair loss, and thicken those hairs to give more density so you can see through to the scalp less.

No, we cannot regrow a full head of hair if someone has inactive hair follicles / a balding area.

But yes, it does really work…! 🙂

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